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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Any time you like

There were a few wonderful walks that I had recently. The first was on my way back from another photography viewing in Chelsea. It was a cold day, a little dark because I think it was about to rain. I had just bought a few sunflowers for a presentation I was giving, and it was just about 4:30. Walking through the residential area of Chelsea is always pleasant. The brownstones are all beautiful to stare at while walking past. On this walk I also happened to find this funny car, and so I thought I would take a picture.Another wonderful walk was a morning that just recently passed. I had stayed at a friends house the night before, and on the walk back I decided to walk to a coffee shop a little further away, on Bedford and S. 2nd, just for fun. While I was sitting outside, trying to soak up as much of the suns warmth as possible, a man came up with his three legged dog. The dog sat with me the whole time it's owner was inside and nuzzled my knees. Although I didn't get a picture of the dog, I did get a picture of the view from where I was sitting. Nerm and I are hoping to move to this side of williamsburg when we move in April, and maybe I'll be seeing this view more frequently then.

The last wonderful walk was the one I took with Nerm across the Williamsburg Bridge the other day. It was the first true day of Spring, and the weather was absolutely perfect outside. Nerm has never walked across the bridge before, so she decided to join me on my journey into the city. It's always so great walking over the bridge with someone who has never done it before. She got so excited! We talked about how wonderful it is to live in this amazing city, and how often we don't realize where we are. Once we got into the city we were walking down Houston, and I saw this weird gorilla thing being sold, and I had to ask Nerm to take a picture of me under it.

I love walking ♥

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