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Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Blushing Ivy

In between the time I last posted in February and now I've have a few great nights in and a few great nights out with friends. They've often included great food, but the best part of the evenings in the great company.

One night I went out with Dorian and his roommates, and while they ate their real wings I drank my "vegan wings" aka water.

This was my attempted picture of the three muskateers, but it obviously didn't come out too great.

Another night we went out for Katie's birthday at Taco Chulo- and now I'm going to be hooked on their vegan burritos which is terribly dangerous since it's just right around the corner. Arg!

This was Chelsey's five dollar chicken taco- it was grilled chicken on cheese and a tiny tortilla.

This was another night, kind of a quite evening, but Nerm couldn't get her boot off so Keenan had to help her.

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