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Monday, March 8, 2010

Tortilla Bike Wheels

Yesterday I met up with Cecylia for a late lunch/ coffee walk/ talk sesh. She took me to this wonderful place called The Ace Hotel which is hands down one of the coolest, jazziest, most beautifully typographically decorated hotel I've seen in a very long time. We went to the cafe they had on the ground floor called Stumptown, which not only had fantastic coffee, but lovely baristas and a beautiful bar space where one could look out on the street and enjoy the view of the passers by. But we sat in the lobby area which is so attractive that I plan on going back just to sit and work sometime.

Before we left, Cecylia and I stopped by the bathrooms downstairs, and on our way up we found this lovely and clever gem of the hotel (well... one of the many gems)

The funny thing about this picture is that it was the 323rd picture I took on my phone. What a cowinky dink :)

After we left we headed down to SoHo for some vegan pizza at Grandaisy Bakery, which actually used to supply my old work (the recently closed down Dean & Deluca on University Place) with pizza. It was nice to revisit the old flavors of these delicious slices. I had the zuchini and the potato.

It's always so wonderful talking with Cecylia. I feel so lucky to have made such a great friend in this city which is still so foreign to me.

The last picture of our day is of a bike from one of Cecylia's favorite shoe stores. I feel it's appropriate because not only is it a beautiful structure and piece of art, but bikes were a kind of theme of the day.

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  1. I love the ACE! In fact, I had one of my clients take me there for brand image inspiration..
    PS: I love your blog.