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Monday, February 8, 2010

What question did you ask?

Last week we held out Photo Criticism class in Chelsea. I got out of my internship early to make sure I would make it to the other side of town on time, but I still got there early. So I took a few pictures of the environment. 

Then I decided to walk towards the river. I miss the water. 

The look-back

Then I went back to meet with my class to view the Patti Smith exhibit. It was a bit chaotic, but interesting. Her exhibit was a lot like this blog, just a collection of stuff. 

Then we went to a few other galleries. This photographer, whose name I don't remember, takes these environmental stills and then manipulates them in photoshop. Although they are not completely organic photographs, they are still beautiful and interesting at such large scales. 

We also went to the Diane Arbus/ William Eggleston exhibit. I didn't take much from Eggleston, he's very very flat, but Arbus' work at this show was a little more archaically formalist and held an eery sense of nostalgia. I liked them a lot more.

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