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Monday, February 8, 2010

Time To Breathe

Last week I also had the opportunity to travel down to The Bowery Presents' office in the Lower East Side. I've been there before, but this time I was going as an errand for my new internship, which made it interesting since BP is my old internship. However, that's really not the important part. The important part was that the walk down there was so wonderfully refreshing, and the weather was absolutely perfect. We were right on the cusp of the storm (the storm that never actually reached us) and they air smelt and tasted of snow waiting to arrive. 
On the way down I saw these giant rolls of wire, and I thought, "No where else in the world would you just be walking down the street and see enormous bundles of wire beside New York."

Then this was just a little sign in the BP building that I thought needed to be in my scrapbook.

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