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There is a space between what we say and what we think, and that gap is never fully realized. But we can continue to try to connect the points, and eventually maybe we can get somewhere.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Alpha Bet

Today after yoga I went to EarthMatters to write and read a little. When I ran out of paper I pulled out a small blank canvas that Gregg had given me and contemplated drawing on it. Instead I ended up writing some more. Here's what I scribbled out:

Let's draw something. All I know is letters. I could fill this whole canvas with letters and only letters and call it my drawing. The construction of letters and the purity of their meaning has always astounded me. How each letter has it's own history and way in which it has come into existence. It's fascinating. How, when combined, a simple T and O can equal a meaning that people around the world understand as "TO" the preposition, an indication of approach and arrival. Letters letters letters. I have been interested in letters for ages it seems. The structures, the subtle characteristics... what makes an R an R? The stem exaggerated on the left? The loop around the top half of the stem? The arching leg, seductively pushing outward? The R asks for a rrrrrroll of the tongue, the roundness of a rhombus, the running start of a roller coaster marathon. The R is rugged, rouged, rowdy, riddled, and rude. It is wrong, it is right, it is righteous. The R holds a world inside itself, as do all of the other letters of the alphabet, and it is these worlds that we toy with and explore every day. We expand their universe with every use of their characteristics, but stil they can only go so far, can't they? One must remember there are languages with characters, and then there are languages without spoken word or the combinations of characters. [The combination of characters - words].
But we must consider the animals. Our main reason for the creation of characters was to establish common communication. But animals have the seemingly un-human ability to know by either a language communicated through the body or through the mind. Little spoken sounds are made. This is something achievable by man- most definitely- but we have over the centuries become so depended on spoken language and it's ability to disguise what we physically or mentally are feeling that we turned off those "vocal chords" almost completely. Our bodies speak. Our emotions speak. But we have become mind-centric and in turn we have begun to misinterpret our bodies and emotions. They are clouded by our thoughts. But as pure animals as we once were, we found communication with our fellow human beings as well as with the earth around us. Our desire to communicate and record the history lead to documentation through hieroglyphics and slowly the beginnings of a written language. The first characters being primitive interpretations of the animals and earth around us, slowly evolving into the simplistic symbols as we now know them. Astonishing how time can confuse the evolution of creatures. We consider ourselves to be in progression with our machines and ways of simplifying life for ourselves and out future generations, but the simplicities we are creating are allowing new dependencies and new eases- new shortcuts that pull us further and further from our true existences. Our true beings. We are becoming less and less human.
Now what does that mean? Unless something globally catastrophic occurs, this mechanically technological progression into the external material goods we are more and more identifying ourselves with will not end. So will we just accept the "evolution" into becoming half human half machine? Is that destined to be our future? Or do we want something different? Can we find a way to re-involve our senses with the purity of the earth around us as well as utilize our technological advancements to further our race? Or is that an idealistic impossible idea? Or is our society a phase in history? We each choose I guess...

A little vague I guess, but it was just a train of thought, really.

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