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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Optical Unconcsious

So today I was supposed to present my LOCAL project, but we got to listen to a talk by Brian Collins instead. He was so thoroughly inspiring, and the speech reminded me of everything I desire to become as a graphic designer. I don't necessarily want to be a "graphic designer" but I want to be a design thinker. The way that he discussed our history, our present, and our responsibility as designers to assist in the design of our future was from a level that was engulfed in the idea of hope. His favorite statement is, "Design is Hope made visible," and after hearing him discuss the way that he's approached some of these projects I know that design has the capacity to effect the way we think and if we change the way we think we change the way we act, and it can all lead to a better, more fulfilling, for purposeful life and future. He touched slightly on the fate of the planet with regards to global warming and our global depression (not just financially, but emotionally) and our negative outlook on the future, but it was more about seeing how he has accomplished the projects that aid in the positive reconstruction of the future that were most inspiring and seemingly graspable. As he spoke all I kept thinking was how much I have to be like this man, and if I ever doubted a purpose behind my passion for design, he is the example of the purpose personified. Needless to say it was a great speech. 

And I have my designs basically ready for next week.. I have a few things I'm going to touch up, and a few addition pieces to print out to push my product, but here is where I am as of now:

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