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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Astonish Us

So there are always reoccurring themes within our life, yes? Things, subjects, objects, ideas, people, that pop up repeatedly, always... not necessarily haunting us... but stalking us. One of those things for me is Kate Spade. Now, I know this is sounding a little silly, because everyone knows who Kate Spade is. She is practically a household name, and her brand is almost ubiquitous due to it's loveliness and pleasantness. However, Kate Spade has also been thoroughly involved in my life since I was very young. I have very fond memories of going up to Los Angeles with my mother and shopping for things like Kate Spade and Michael Star and always taking a trip to Anthropologie. She had always had a sweet spot in my heart because of those  memories, and for some reason I never thought that the brand was big enough for many other people to hold it the way I do. But actually many people know and love Kate Spade the way I do, and over time I've had to accept this.
So when I left California I didn't think I would run into another situation where the Spade name came up would come up with as  much sincerity as my memories hold, and there I was very wrong. My professor John Fullbrook has brought up the Spades many a time as a perfect example of a perfect brand. He's discussed their methods and values and patterns over and over, and every time I realize more and more that it's those points that he's discussing that make me love the brand and have such a connection to it in addition to the memories with my mother. 
So when Kate Spade came up again at the beginning of this semester I wasn't very surprised. I was surprised however when I opened up my New York Magazine Spring Fashion issue to find a whole 4 pager about the Spades. The article seemed to capture their personalities completely. The honesty, the friendliness, and the casual but dignified presence they must radiate wherever they go. They are so utterly charming, that I did want the article about them to end. I wanted to absorb as much of their loveliness as I possibly could and carry it with me in my back pocket at all times!

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  1. dearest hollis - all my 38 years I wanted a kate spade wallet but always found that it would be a pricey dream that would never come to fruition (yes I have 3 coach wallets - but ummmm hello outlets) then one day at Bloomingdales there sat on the clearance table a perfect little Kate Spade wallet - navy leather on the outside, green inside and polka dot lining - and the best part under $80 - so alas whenever I pull it out of my handbag I smile - I love you and I remember shopping for Michael Stars in LA with you and your mom. I miss you!