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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Keep the Wind at Your Back and The Sun on Your Face

Yesterday was pretty perfect. It started with an experiment in flow yoga, with my new Shiva Ray dvd (thanks Cecylia), which although was only 30 minutes was very fulfilling. Then after a quick shower I decided to walk to work, and document my trip there. The pictures below are of this experience:

the bridge!
an apartment building I always love to see

I was hoping you would be able to make out more of this graffiti...
this too...

once, a long time ago, I took a picture just like this

I've thought about climbing these

The other side! Downtown Brooklyn!

If you can see it.. it's the old Domino Sugar factory

New York!
The middle!
More of the middle!

The Williamsburg Bridge sign

Welcome to Manhattan!

I know the guy that did that graffiti in there

I love 7th st

Bunny love bomb. Lovemaking bomb bunny?

Holistic Petcare!

I found this just hanging out a block away from my work

Although it looked interesting, I left it in it's place to be discovered by someone who would want it more than me.

I was an hour early so I went to Washington Square Park to eat my scone and drink my coffee.

Then I saw this great three dimensional type/ hotel sign on my way back. Cool!

I continued to stay in a good mood though my work hours and well into the evening. I stopped by the Charleston to say hi to Bull and Dorian, and then went home to make dinner and watch Hannah and Her Sisters. It was all so perfect. Nothing went badly.

And today... I decided to look for a new job. Wish me luck!

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