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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Go Forth

Wieden & Kennedy are at it again with the new Levi's advertisements. I've been seeing them all over the city and each one has given me a sense of pride and inspiration with the carefree images, handwritten assured affirmations of the future, and strong sense of individuality each ad depicts. Apparently Doug Sweeny, Levi's VP of marketing, wanted a new look that connected with the hope of the Obama generation, and when teaming with WK they decided on a campaign that deviated from the usual sex-pushing looks usually attributed to the company (as well as companies like Calvin Klein and A/X). They instead went with a look that through statement (well, Walt Whitman quotes) and imagery shows the acceptance of the challenges ahead, but also the determination to succeed. And how successful they were. I love these ads, and I feel just as much excitement from them as I did when I heard Obama's Hope campaign speeches. They have given new breath to the streets that are usually smothered in provocative ads of semi-adolescents who look as if they've been caught in the act. Maybe this will be a new beginning in the fashion advertisement industry? I can only hope.

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