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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Today I went to Coney Island with a really good friend of mine. After a day laying in the sand and watching the people and pets go by, she decided to take us both to the freak show as a birthday gift. We witnessed a sword swallower, a machete/apple/torch juggler, a contortionist, a man who danced on glass, and a few other fun and disturbing sights. Apparently these dedicated "freaks" preform as a non profit art show, and they are quickly going under with the slow but sure redevelopment of Coney Island. Just outside the performance room was a small installation of peep holes. When you looked through each hole you could see a small 3D scene of Coney Island as it originally was, and then in a seconds time it changed into what Coney Island would soon look like, with starbucks' and destroyed ferris wheels. It was a sad reminder of the struggle these people are going through trying to obtain such a historical piece of americana... but as a whole it was an excellent introduction to my birthday week. I hope to go back very soon to support the side shows!

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