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There is a space between what we say and what we think, and that gap is never fully realized. But we can continue to try to connect the points, and eventually maybe we can get somewhere.

Friday, July 2, 2010


that speak to me in tongues:

Broken Social Scene - Romance to the Grave

When I'm right I'm always wrong beneath the wise
Rolling through the way

(Further my luck tries to be the same )

When I'm wrong I'm almost right to breathe the miles
Coming through the haze

(Still like I thought)

I don't speak the tongues of finds within a life
Dying for a save

(Stop on gets on my)

I got buried with my try from the start
Romance to the grave


And in your house you built to fail through all the eyes
Wanting what to say

(Followed by, keep on)

This might be the last of lied inside your lock
Only you can break

(For all these times, never mind )

Cause when your right you're never wrong to reach the high Low for you to wait

(Fall on days)

I don't lived for all that died
I just want to feel it again

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