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Thursday, May 20, 2010

I could have sworn there were more pictures attached to this set, but unfortunately I only have these few I guess. After some time had passed since the opening of Alice and Wonderland, Laura and Erica and I decided to get together and have a Alice and Wonderland Day. We first met at Alice's Tea Cup for a bite and some tea and many many laughs. Then we got the bright idea to go to the Disney store and see what kind of Alice and Wonderland things they had for us to look at, but instead of going to fifth avenue where the store actually was, we went to times square where we thought it was... instead of being sadly mistaken we chose to pop into the enormous Toys R Us store over there. We road the ferris wheel (which was amazing!) and then toured the floor for a good time. We found the lego structures, the Barbie house (total let down), and best of all we found the Twilight gift shop!


Laura's Barbie doppelganger

Erica's Barbie (?) doppelganger
My Barbie doppelganger


We had decided to go up to Astoria, where Laura and Erica live, to see the movie, and on the walk over we found this ^ a night club called Amnesia. Amazing.

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