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Monday, January 18, 2010

School has begun

So school started last week, and of course that means I've fallen behind on my posts. This whole post a day thing might end up becoming a post every other day. But I will not let myself fall behind! To make up for my 5 days lacking, I've a few different kinds of pictures to put up today. Each a different but connected experience... connected in that they were all taken this past weekend.

Adrien through a party for his friend's birthday this weekend at the Chelsea Hotel, and I bought myself this adorable bottle of wine. It is hands down the cutest wine label I have come into contact with.


A view of the Williamsburg Bridge from a ludlow apartment at night. The first picture is darker than what I saw, obviously, but I tried to add to the picture in the second. I can't seem to get over my love for this bridge.

And Third:

For my experimental book art class I have to create a trash book this week. In preparation for the project I began to look at the trash in my neighborhood crevices and then took a few pictures. I particularly loved the smashed pelligrino bottle.

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