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Saturday, January 9, 2010

A New Thing To Do

This past week I've been in California visiting my family, and while visiting with my aunt Teri she told me about something she and my uncle Bill are beginning to do regularly. Every day they are going to take a picture of something, anything, and post it. Since it is a new year, and since I'm planning on posting more frequently here, I thought to partake in this practice would be good discipline.... however, I'm already a little behind... but! I have the photos, and I'm going to post them for the last three days. 3 days down 362 to do for the year.
So wish me luck.

Day One:
My dad and I took Zoe to the dog park two days in a row. The first day we saw the crane (or the bird that resembled a crane) in the small creek by the park. The second day we not only saw the crane again, but also this old old bird house up in this random tree. It was a delight to see such an old object surviving in an environment that is constantly being changed and upheaved. And the crane as well- surviving next to a residential neighborhood, elementary school and a few fields for soccer and baseball.

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