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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First Day Back

No pictures today. However I'm going to do something I used to do on my Xanga and Live Journal. I'm going to list three incredible things that happened to me today that had nothing to do with me being back in school, or all the work I have to look forward to, to anything like that. These are incredible things.

1. I finally FINALLY mustered up enough courage to ask to go back to part time. This may not seem like much, but to me, putting myself in that not so comfortable comfort zone was really tricky. Knowing I will be paid less, possibly lose hours.. all of that if scary. But I am determined to take this new opportunity and make it push me into finding more and more graphic design work. I gotta get in there!

2. I had dinner with two great friends, and we talked about music we used to listen to, our work, boys :) everything lovely, and it was wonderful.

3. My part time roommate Cecylia and I sang through all of the songs on a playlist I had made for her freshman year. Sang and danced actually. It was quite the throw back, and tons of fun. It's great to have a new friend in the house.

It was a simple and pleasant day :) And now I must get to organizing all of my things before school gets the best of my time!

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  1. wonderful... also I knew that about the octopii infact I saw the documentary about it - that they use tools is amazing.