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Monday, August 3, 2009

The Aliens Under Us

I didn't know this but apparently sperm whales have the biggest brain on any animal that's ever lived! They can weigh up to 19 pounds... so what does an animal do with all the brain weight? No one knows! What scientists do know, however, is that the whales have highly developed things in the brain called neo-cortex'. These neo-cortex' are known to be the center of intelligent thought, memory, and speech. But not only do these creatures show a certain amount of intelligent understanding between themselves (enough to create complex societies), but they also show a deep sense of emotion and have been seen to exhibit joy and grief. There are countless records of whale hunters of the past witnessing expressions of pain from their poor hunted prey. Some situations show whales coming to each others aid, trying to save to other from death and risking their own lives to help. Now that's what I call passion!

But what is really most fascinating about sperm whales comes from the theories of Russian scientists from the 70s. They proposed sperm whales are each equipped with a third eye in their permaceti organ. Located behind the nose, this organ works almost like a video recording system; recording all sound energy and turning it into images. There are then even further theories stating that the whales utilize this organ by making it a means of communication, and passing the gained information to future generations. If this is the case, sperm whales would have developed rational thought. 

Scientists have stated that we know more about the moon and stars than we do about whales and creatures of the oceans. Although they are right under us, they have become the aliens of our earth. There are even some deep sea whales (and I'm sure other water creatures) scientists have never even seen alive! Like the beaked whale... we have so much to learn about when it comes to the waters beneath us. Who knows, maybe sperm whales will be the next human race! 

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