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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Type O

A few things that happened to me this weekend.

Friday: We found a tiny mouse in one of Eddies boxes of clothes. The thing was so small it looked like a cat toy. Eddie ran out before I could make him do anything about it, so when I went to take the box outside, I put the mouse out on the sidewalk. The thing was no more than an inch big, and in the rain on the cold sidewalk it started shivering. I stood there above it, contemplating if I should leave it there or maybe do something else with it... I felt so torn. It was so small. A woman a little down the block saw me staring at the ground and asked me if I was okay. I told her my situation and she said, "well you know, those things get really big, and then what are you going to do... I'd rather have it out here than in there!" I agreed and turned while I could to go inside. I still feel terrible about it. 

Saturday: Benn was visiting, and after I got off work he told me to meet him underground at the L line in union. He was coming down from central park. I got there at just about 6, and as I was walking down the stairs I saw two people playing music. One was dressed as the cookie monster, and the other was dressed as a pink gorilla. The cookie monster was playing the xylophone, and the gorilla the stand up base. Thankfully Benn didn't get to union until about 630, otherwise I would not have been able to enjoy the fun music.

Sunday {today}: We went to the park and laid out in the sun for three hours. After Benn left for the airport I went back and laid out for another three hours. It was just too beautiful a day, too many people were out, and I just couldn't stay inside. Plus my book was getting really good. As I was laying their reading I heard some folk music playing behind me. I turned around to see a muppet singing. I thought to myself, "there is no way another person is dressed up in a full costume and playing music..." Two times in one weekend?? But I looked closer and realized the muppet was a puppet and their was a man behind him with a microphone but his mouth wasn't moving. He was doing the most amazing ventriloquism! With a muppet! He sat there the rest of the time I was in the park with his guitarist and a harmonica player singing all kinds of Bob Dylan and songs of americana. When I got home I realized I was horribly sunburnt.

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